Essential Stretch and Conditioning

We all know we should stretch, but how often do we do it? Essential Stretch & Core Strengthening is a life-saver class for anyone who wants to remain injury and pain-free as they enjoy their active livestyles.

Do you workout and try to be active during the weekends, yet sit in an office 8 hour a day? Do experience stiff joints and achy muscles when you awake in the mornings? Have you read or been told that you should stretch more than you do? Do you find it incredibly boring to stretch alone? If so, we have the perfect solultion for you:

This class focuses on dynamic and static stretches performed by yourself or with a partner, basic yoga poses and flows, neurofascial release methods, core-strengthening and self-healing techniques.

Class size limit: 5

7:05 pm, each Wednesday evening (45 mins)

Place: Budlong Studio

Tuition: $80/month

Limited availability, so reserve your spot now.

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