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The problem(s) with gyms and health clubs.

Surprise! The goal of most gyms or health clubs isn’t to get you in shape. It’s to get you to sign a long-term contract. That’s how they make money. After the first few weeks, they’re counting on your enthusiasm disappearing. You use the facility less and less and eventually you stop going altogether. But, they keep your hard-earned cash.

Plus, let’s face it. Health clubs can be intimidating. Every health club has a group of hard-core gym rats, both guys and girls, who’ve been pumping iron there for years. They’re in great shape and you’re just starting out.

Finally, if you go to the gym during peak hours, you’ll likely have to wait to use some of the machines or weights. It’s frustrating and it wastes your time.

The same holds true for health club trainers. They have distractions. The need to attract and sell new clientele during your session. Altering your workout program due to unavailable stations and crowded floor space. And all too often a lack of passion and desire to train YOU.

Not at MusclesForMe. For starters, there are no long-term contracts. The focus is entirely on you and your fitness goals. You can meet with your trainer once a week, twice a week, three times a week, or every day — whatever you feel is best for you.

Your workouts are completely private. Just you and your trainer. It’s much more comfortable and relaxing when it’s just the two of you working out in private than a gym full of people. You’ll work out at your own pace with the weights and exercises that are right for you, your body and your current health, guided every step of the way by your personal trainer.

Of course, there’s no waiting to use any of the equipment. During your workout, the entire fully-equipped facility is yours.

Our trainers are specially selected for you. We love what we do, care about our client’s progress and are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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