SuperMan Strength Training


A unique program for men only that includes super-slow movements for super-quick results in only 40 mins per week!

Get your warrior on with this incredible time/cost efficient method.  This is not for the meek-minded.  You will push yourself harder in this 40-min session than you ever have with traditional strength-training protocols.  That is why you are only allowed to do it once every 7 days.

This progressive program is perfect for males of all ages who care about:

  • avoiding/correcting over-use aches & pains
  • promoting their growth hormones and vitality
  • minimize time in the gym
  • gaining strength safely and effectively
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • activate anabolic activity and improve metabolic function
  • sleep better, increase energy and feel younger
  • manage onset of arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure