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Suzanne S., Torrance
“I have turned my life around! Thank you MusclesForMe for coaching me towards healthier habits and living better. I have reclaimed my body from my 20s, and look and feel 15 years younger.

My trainer, Cari, has partnered with me each step of the way. We first worked on corrective exercises to relieve the chronic pain in my elbow. Then we focused on revving up my metabolism with a mixture of interval and strength training. She even started jogging with me to help me get more active. Then… we tackled the hardest part… my eating habits. She worked with my preferences and mindset so that I never felt like I was *dieting*. It’s now second nature to eat mindfully. We continue to work with functional training to keep my body balanced and injury-free with new and challenging workouts.

What more can I say… MusclesForMe has made it easy to become healthy and fit, and I love it! Previously I tried working out at the gym by myself, but I could never push myself hard enough to see results. Not only does Cari keep my workout intensity at high levels, she makes sure I am always using the proper form. I’ve learned that my body likes to cheat and I use the wrong muscles to make the weight lifting easier. With Cari’s guidance, I am now developing muscles I never even knew I had.

David S., Marina Del Rey
“I started to see a difference in the first two weeks of training with MusclesForMe. I’ve lifted weights ever since I was 13 years old but I found myself being pushed harder than ever before, as well as seeing results in areas I’ve never had much success building on my own.

They combine a great way of designing a thorough workout regimen that never becomes “routine” along with lots of motivation to always reach your goals. No two training sessions have ever been the same, and they are always quick to identify your weak areas so they can become targeted for maximum gains.”

Kevin S., Rolling Hills
“After joining Cari a month ago, I have noticed a big difference in my attitude and willingness to want to train. Cari has been able to communicate through her knowledge and get me to understand if I don’t do it…it won’t get done. I really appreciate her encouragement to me while working out. I feel and can see a difference already. I can’t wait till I hit the 6th month! She really rocks and inspires me greatly.”

Kathryn E., Torrance
“Cari is great! She is very nice but also tough enough to keep you motivated. The workouts are always changing and challenging. It is the best investment in “me” that I have ever made!”

Kimball B., Anaheim Hills
“I have been with MusclesForMe for over 2 years now. I cannot say enough about how my life has changed. I finished three 5K’s last summer and since August I ride my bike three times a week, averaging 50+ miles.

I took my annual physical two weeks ago, and my Doctor was more than pleased. Since beginning my program with Cari, I have lost 40 lbs, lowered my body fat by 12 percent, reduced my medications by half (type II diabetic), my cholesterol has dropped to 132 and my blood panel is all normal. The Single Most Exciting occurrence is the reduction of my A 1 C (sugar averages). They are the same as a NORMAL person without diabetes. My goal this year is to get off meds completely.

The MusclesForMe workouts always incorporate something new, it’s fun, and she keeps me focused and motivated. Cari is the best.”

Cathy P., Torrance
“I love all of the services offered by Muscles for Me!!!! Cari is an amazing “health care” mentor and her work ethic to provide a healthier you WILL bring you results. More importantly, you can trust Cari to passionately engage with you personally and offer you special services to meet your individual needs to include, and definitely not limited to, personal training with a wide variety of well prepared workouts, nutritional guidance and prepared awesome fresh healthy meals for our enjoyment and convenience…not to mention, your body organs will scream with joy and you will have so much energy!!!

Take it from me, connecting with Cari at MusclesForMe is the smartest and best choice for you!!! I’ve partnered with several trainers and you will get the best bang for your buck with Cari…She is a gift!!! Remember Commitment & Consistency = Results!!!! Make it happen for you today…..call Cari”

Michelle Y., Gardena
“Cari, thank you so much for helping to transform my middle-aged body into a fitter, leaner and stronger one. I know I’ve mentioned it several times previously, but your expertise in training, physiology, nutrition, and bory massage is impressive and continually amazes Bob and myself.

Your knowledge and enthusiasm is what keeps us going and is certainly a driving force behind each workout. Wishing you the best of this new year!”

Randy M., Palos Verdes Estates
MusclesForMe directed by Cari Duecker provides a personally customized exercise and body sculpting program to increase fitness and health. The initial consultation includes an assessment of the client’s goals and body structural issues including posture realignment, sports related strength conditioning and general body mass presentation. Her preparation for each workout session insures that her clients receive the attention to those targeted muscle groups for fast results.

MusclesForMe’s home office includes all state of the art exercise equipment and a pool and spa for water related strength and endurance training. More than just an upscale personal trainer, Cari is enthusiastic and encouraging, which makes accomplishment of the client’s goal achievements much easier. In addition, as a certified massage therapist, most training sessions are completed with a short therapeutic massage, which assists in helping muscles respond more quickly, and with less pain to the exercise challenges of each workout.”

Chris D., Carson
“ I wanted some private intense training. Cari was able to accommodate my schedule and developed a program to meet my needs. She is very inspirational and a head trainer at MusclesForMe. I gained an inch in my biceps in less than 3 months. Sessions are invigorating, fun and intense, because I asked for it!”

Clyde G., Redondo Beach
“Because of our doctor’s recommendation for us to lose weight, my wife and I started looking for someone to help. In July of 2000 we found a personal trainer in the LA Times and have been with several gyms and personal trainers since then. About ready to give up, we saw Cari’s ad and she seemed to offer a different approach in training, making it fun and still getting the most out of us.

In the 9 months we’ve been with Cari we’ve noticed a significant increase in our strength and energy and are having fun in the process. It’s hard to find a trainer like Cari because so many of the trainers just go through the motions and really don’t take a personal interest in your success.”

Wendy G., Harbor City
“Cari, you have changed my life. I feel better and have been told I look better.
You have given me an energy that I never thought possible…and lord knows I
need it chasing after my three year old son! I can’t imagine a life without

Bryan F., Rancho Palos Verdes
“ After completely severing my Achilles tendon, I was told that my post surgery recovery time would be at least two years. As both an active businessman and a practicing martial arts instructor, I was unwilling to accept two years of inactivity. My orthopedic surgeon cautioned me against attending a normal gym because of the potential for damaging the newly mended tendon.

As an alternative, he recommended a personalized training regimen supervised by a professional.After four months of working with Cari, I am teaching my regular Saturday Hapkido class with virtually no diminution of ability and I am as physically active as I have ever been.

I highly recommend Cari at MusclesforMe for any kind of personalized, goal oriented physical improvement. Whether your goal is recovery from an injury or simply to look and feel better, you will see positive results with this program.”


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