Private Training


Unlike a large aerobics or cardio class, your sessions at MusclesForMe are focused entirely on you. You and your trainer will start with a brief warm-up. It could be a light jog,  jumping jacks, or some yoga poses.

Your warm-up is followed by a unique and customized workout program for that day, based on your goals, limitations, and mood. It could be a heavy chest and tricep workout. A cardio circuit regime. Focused stretching and yoga postures and flow. Endurance training for butt and thighs. Pilates and core strength training. The goal is to get your entire body in shape.

Your trainer will show you the correct form for the exercise or movement you’re about to do. This is important. We’ve seen lots of people at health clubs using the wrong form for an exercise. Not only are they not getting the full benefit of the exercise, they could injure themselves. Fewer reps done correctly will get you in shape faster than lots of incorrect movements.

Your trainer will guide you as you perform each exercise, always making sure that your form is correct and you’re getting the maximum benefit from the exercise. We’ll act as your “spotter” if you’re working with free weights. We’ll coach you, encourage you and keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

Each workout consists of anywhere from ten to fifteen different exercises concentrating on a specific group of muscles. No two sessions are the same. Diversity is the key to keeping your sessions challenging, maximizing your results, and keeping you motivated. Above all, your sessions are fun; there’s no rule that says a workout has to be super serious. In fact, when you’re having fun, you can often accomplish more!

Your session will end with some stretching and/or a short, soothing post-workout massage to get your body ready for your next training session.

A private shower and changing area is available to help you get onto the rest of your day –  refreshed, energized and feeling (and looking) better than you have in a long time.