Muscles For Me Owner & Trainer


When you put your fitness program in the hands of Cari Duecker, you’re putting yourself in the hands of one of the most respected trainers in the business. As the director of MusclesForMe, Cari has helped over a hundred men and women not just achieve, but exceed their fitness goals. In addition to working directly with clients, Cari oversees all of our fitness programs and makes sure each one is tailored to our clients’ individual goals. She supervises all of our trainers and is actively involved in all of our workout programs.

Cari’s extensive background in health and fitness includes:

* Certified Personal Trainer, 2000 (ACE)
* Certified Sports Nutritionist, 2007 (NFPT)
* Elite Professional Fitness Trainer (IDEA Health & Fitness Association)
* Fitness in the Older Adult, ACE
* Postural Assessment and Mobility Analysis, ACE
* Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology, SCMT
* M.E.L.T. Instructor, 2010
* CPR, American Heart Association

Cari is also a certified massage therapist with over 700 hours of training and 8 yrs of experience. More importantly, she has a unique ability to motivate people to overcome the roadblocks to eating right and getting fit.

Each additional trainer that hosts at the Muscles For Me studio, is carefully selected for his/her knowledge, enthusiasm and personality. We know that the trainer s attitude, demeanor and encouragement can make a huge difference in your progress. They all have one goal  to help you build the body you want and achieve your fitness goals. Each is nationally certified, with liability coverage and certified in CPR.